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Where would we be without pals looking out for us? Tag a dental friend you can always count on when things at the practice get stressful 👇
FREE ORTHODONTIC CONSULTS! If you’re considering orthodontic treatment either for yourself or child, contact us today for a free consult. If you’d like something more discreet, we also offer Invisalign. In the meantime, here’s a quick video of @drvishs inserting braces on one of our patients. DM us with any questions you have, or call us on (07) 3279 8811.
Patient was tired of not having back teeth to chew with. So we placed 3 implants. The middle one was slightly off angle due to not enough bone thickness. This patient will heal before permanent restorations are done. As you can see implants can be done efficiently with hardly any discomfort!! It’s the little things in life that matters. Excited that I’m in a profession that can help people everyday!
Assimetria de arcos - Linhas médias desviadas Extrações assimétricas em Ortodontia podem levar a desvios de linhas médias, com impactos negativos em função e estética. Ao optar por tal planejamento é imperativo que as linhas médias estejam desviadas previamente, caso contrário o resultado pode ser igual ao do caso visto no vídeo: em um tratamento anterior, foram feitas extração dos dentes 24 e 44, o que resultou em grandes desvios recíprocos de linhas médias. A resolução se deu pela extração de dois pré-molares (14 e 34) em quadrantes e arcos opostos. Foi utilizado o aparelho Centrex para retração, mantendo a linha de ação da força na altura do centro de resistência dos dentes anteriores. 🇺🇸🇬🇧 Dental arch asymmetry - Shifted midlines Asymmetric extractions in Orthodontics can lead to deviated midlines, with negative impacts on function and aesthetics. When choosing such treatment plan, it is imperative that the midlines are previously deviated, otherwise the result can be the same as the case seen in the video: in an previous treatment, teeth 24 and 44 were extracted , which resulted in large reciprocal deviations of midlines. Resolution was achieved by extracting two premolars (14 and 34) in opposing quadrants and arches. The Centrex appliance was used for retraction, keeping the line of action at the height of the center of resistance of anterior teeth. #soluçõesortodônticas #kmsoluçõesortodônticas #kmortodontia #kmorthodontics #padraogrupokm #orto #ortho #orthodontics #ortodontiaestetica #ortodontia #odontologia #ortodoncia #ortodoncista #dentistry #sorrisoperfeito #dentalschool #smile #dentist