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Deadlifts have fet like absolute shit lately. Can't move the same weight for the same amount of reps as I used to. I've done my research and analysis of my training footage and have come up with a conjecture. My hips are way too tight, which makes them shoot up right when the bar leaves the floor. This is caused by a SEVERE lack of mobility in my hips. Therefore, it prevents me from getting into a strong neutral position. When we're not out patrolling, we're sitting on our asses in towers for 12-13 hours a day. This tends to produce tightness in the legs, hips, lumbar spine, spinal erectors; basically everything in the lower body and posterior chain. I'm starting to incorporate some mobility drills 3-4 times a week. This should fix the issues I'm having with my deadlift. Here's some disgusting deadlift work and bench from today's session. I got really upset and started to beat myself up, so I had to focus on having fun with my bench training. Enjoy this video of me acting like a total ass with @djcanman Deadlifts: 5X5 at RPE 8 (got 315 for 4 reps that felt like an RPE 10) Bench: Top set of 195X3 at RPE 9.5 #powerlifting #strength #militarymuscle #exercisephysiology #gym #science #goof #fixingmyweaknesses
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