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Elephant crossing.
🕉 YOGA Retreat Palawan Island - Kaibigan Soul Camp #1 • EAT. FLOW. LOVE. • This Easter, experience six days of pure relaxation and rejuvenation! You are invited to enjoy daily meditation, dynamic and mindful Vinyasa flows, body explorations and Yin Yoga with Karen and Antje as your guides. Learn more about yourself, with yourself and others and come on a soulful journey. Let us take care of you and rest assured that you will find happiness, bliss and peace of mind here. • YOUR GUIDES KAREN & ANTJE • The first time Karen encountered yoga was during her studies in France when she curiously attended her very first yoga class. Since then, she's thrilled by the power of Yoga and the inexplicable relaxation and lightness it can bring. After different trainings & workshops her teaching style is now mainly Anusara inspired. Antje's teaching style is fluid, modern, playful and dancy, reflecting the many sports and different types of yoga that have influenced her practice. Her classes are inspired by Vinyasa flow, Anusara alignment, Pranayama, Ayurveda and Somatic movement. • A DAILY SCHEDULE SAMPLE • 8 am Vinyasa Morning Flow and Meditation 10 am Healthy Breakfast Time for trips and activities or individual sessions 5.30 pm Evening Yoga 7.30 pm Organic Dinner We are looking forward to welcoming you to the very first Yoga retreat at Kaibigan Soul Camp Palawan! • MORE & BOOKING DETAILS • yogasoulcamp.strikingly.com