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Friends don't let friends skip leg day!🤗 Let's say you want to lose weight. You're probably looking for workouts that burn the most calories. The solution: do more lower-body exercises. The largest muscles in your body require the most energy to function, so working your legs will likely increase the amount of calories you burn in a typical workout. One of the best exercises is the Squat. It's going to work the entire body, and it hits the largest muscles in the body so it burns a lot of calories and you're going to continue to burn more calories after your workout is finished. You also need to consider that adding muscle mass increases your resting metabolic rate—i.e., the number of calories your body burns at rest. So it only makes sense to focus a major part of your workouts on training the largest muscles in your body—the key to effective long-term fat loss. Now you know! 🤔 . . . #legday #friendsdontletfriendsskiplegday #worksmarter #haveasystemthatworks #obsessed #determination #determineddonna #teamdetermination #letsdoittogether #followme #healthyfamily #getfittogether #day5complete #specialneedsmomstrong #noexcusesjustresults
ONE more rep... ONE more rep 👊🏽that was me today! - - It comes down to one simple thing.... How bad do you want it? ✨💜80