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Just FYI, I did change to #Nano8 for the WOD and interval work. It’s too hard picking between these two shoes, just buy both if you can lol. #misfitathletics #crossfit @reebok
Just a little dog living in a big dog world 🐶 Time to get ready for the Open! @cfmentality @rxmentality @pspweightlifting @rxsmartgear 9:00 AMRAP 9 Chest to Bar 6 DB Squat Clean to Thruster 35# 30 Double Unders
You can hear my supportive Bff’s in the background and my obnoxious grunt. Strict isn’t easy 🤷🏻‍♂️ #brosession
That stretchy toe box action!! My stumpy Hobbit feet are stoked with the new #nano8 Straight out of the box into running, skipping, rope climbing and lifting. It’s a champion. @reeboknz @andreasgloor
@atmafitnessyokkao_hk in CWB @reebok_hk CROSSFIT WOD @honchi1028 @cmk2244msncom @julianyewn @billywilliam517 @jason_583 @evanchu666 @sosososophia @project_yu @failifestyle @milk_milly0112 @emilysowingchi @catfit_hk #Repost @reebok_hk with @get_repost ・・・ 🔺 【UNITED BY FITNESS :: #CrossFit WOD體驗日】 . CrossFitters齊集!於銅鑼灣Reebok店鋪外舉行的「Reebok WOD體驗日」今日圓滿結束! . 一眾喜歡挑戰自我的朋友跟著Reebok一起發掘更專業的 #CrossFit 世界,熾熱的氣氛伴隨著打氣聲音,再一次印證「CrossFit是一個團體,絕對不會讓你一個人流汗」! . 特別鳴謝:@fitaidhk / @anshongkong 本地各大CrossFit Box: @fitnessacademyhk @fitnessplaygroundhk @atmafitnessyokkao_hk @lrcf_fitness_box_hk . #ReebokCrossFit #Nano8 #AlwaysTraining #ReebokHK #ReebokTraining #BeMoreHuman
¿Quieres saber que ocurrió el pasado martes 16 en el BOX? Pronto podrás descubrir las Nano 8 en acción. #Nano8 #BeMoreHuman
Casual 310. Struggle 320. Two months post appendectomy, #pr . #dontcallitacomeback #datfoottho @crossfitconroe @chrisk444 @xcstasyfitness @douggie32 @matt_hooksgrip @andrewathaedwards thanks the push, fellas. Always needed.
Without a doubt the number one movement most likely to stonewall any workout for me. Did 4x5, then this final “max out” set of 10. The last few days (and the workout immediately preceding this) have been very shoulder/pressing intensive, so this is promising. Now just need to add heart rate to the mix. #crossfit #intheopen #nano8 #nano8gate
In celebration of the 2018 Open and launch of the @Reebok #Nano8 , we're giving away 8 pairs of men's and women's Nanos. Clap once, tag three friends and register for the Open to enter. - #CrossFit#InTheOpen#CrossFitOpen @tiaclair1 Register for the Open at Games.CrossFit.com. Link in bio.
‼️ATENÇÃO‼️ . Complex 1 power clean + 1 push press + 1 Split jerk. . 1º posicione-se na barra, pés na largura do quadril. . 2º Peito alto, peso distribuído em todo pé, nem no calcanhar, nem na ponta dos pés. . 3º Ombros levemente afrente da Barra. . . 4º saída com peito alto e POTÊNCIAAAAA depois dos joelhos. . 5º giro rápido do cotovelo com espaçamento lateral. . 6º👉🏻‼️‼️‼️PROIBIDO POWER ESPACATE (abrir demais as pernas)!!!!! ISSO MACHUCA!!!‼️‼️‼️👈🏻 . 7º Dip Drive pontente pra finalizar o push press. . 8º CALMAAAA!!!! . . 9º coordenação, velocidade e estabilização no Jerk. . 10° pode ir verificar o vídeo e ver que o #nano8 que você encontra na @reebokbrasil tá incrível pra treinar!!! . Estável, confortável, mas ao mesmo tempo muito leve!!! . 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 . #reebokBrasil #Nano8